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Shleppers Moving & Storage is one of the most trusted names in the moving industry with locations in CA, FL, NJ, & Ny. We've moved countless customers just like you for more than 40 year with their local and long distance moving and storage needs, and we're known for our unparalleled customer service and professionalism.

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I haven't moved over 30 years and I could not be more satisfied. The men were fantastic. As far as making my experience about doing all my packing for free! Seriously, the men were terrific.

Alan E. 04/08/2018

Professional, great team work, courteous, cheerful, respectful, went above and beyond expectations. Made this move a pleasure.

B. Schwartz - 03/29/2018

Everyone was truly couteous, polite, and willing to assist. The foreman Kevin and Shawn were simply superb. Great team effort Thank you Shleppers very much.

A. Montgomery - 02/28/2018

Edward and his team were on point, very attention to detail oriented. Kudos to Ed/Chris/Kevin !

Oscar G - 02-21-2018
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